New guidelines have been launched on food and drink in early years. On Monday the School Food Trust published the long awaited guidelines on nutrition for preschool children. As you may already be aware, Bristol is one of five local authorities which will be piloting the new food guidelines.

Early Years Catering is the main provider of meals to Bristol City Council preschools and because of this we have been heavily involved in the development and piloting of these standards. Some of our recipes have even been used in the guidance issued. We think it is a really positive step in the right direction in tackling many of the health issues in both pre-school and school aged children.

Our menus and meals already meet these new guidelines are I’m sure you will want to share this news with the parents/carers of the children attending you nursery. They can be confident that the food their child receives each day at your nursery is full of the essential nutrients and is helping them to develop good eating habits and give them the best possible start in life. There is more information available via the link below but if you have any questions or parents want further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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